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I thought I was in real trouble. Tom got my license back and on the road in no time. I highly recommend him for your DUI case.

Trust a DUI Attorney Specialist

Experienced DUI Attorney

Let Tom's years of experience help reduce, eliminate or greatly minimize your DUI offense.

Will aggressively fight your case

Tom will fight your case every step of the way to get the best results possible.

Don't trust your fate in the hands of a non expert.

Don't get just any attorney. Get one that specializes in DUI defense.  

We know how to minimize the effects of your DUI case.

Tom Thomatos is an expert in DUI Defense

While the main objective is to try to reduce your charges to less than a DUI, or dismissal altogether, it is still best to know that Tom Thomatos will be prepared to fight your case all the way and most importantly – fight to win it successfully. 

• Using motions to exclude evidence at trial because a driver’s rights were violated.
• Raising a reasonable doubt that you were over the legal alcohol limit of .08 BAC at the time you were pulled over.
• Excluding evidence such as your Breathalyzer or blood test results, if a person’s rights were possibly violated.
• Cross-examination of the arresting officer to challenge the alleged observations of intoxication.
• Exploring whether their was cause for initial reason of the traffic stop.
• Reviews whether there were sufficient legal reasons for the police to request breath or blood test samples.
• Examining how the Breathalyzer test or blood test procedures were administered at the roadside, police station, or hospital for potential errors.
• Possibly using expert testimony from a professional toxicologist to establish that a client’s blood alcohol content was not over the .08 BAC legal limit at the time of driving.
• Exhaustive legal research and review of the DUI arrest to explore any other possible technicalities starting from the original traffic stop, to when you were released.

Once a person who is charged for a DUI offense they can have their arrest details examined, Tom will utilize his knowledge of the most current DUI laws and his entire legal staff, and give personal attention to each client’s case.You can expect personalized attention and expertise that you deserve through every step of fighting your case, both in and out of court. Tom will find the  most cost-effective method for achieving your goals of winning your DUI case effectively, and do his best to prevent the high costs of a conviction.

Since DUI and DWI offense charges are a very complex area of the law that is constantly changing with new DUI laws being added frequently, Tom Thomatos is up to date with the new state DUI laws and can win cases in variety of ways, many in which can be technical. Tom will use some of the most effective DUI strategies to fight and win your DUI case.

Tom Thomatos 12 South 1st St #509, San Jose, CA 95113

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